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Welcome to Chesterfield, South Carolina!

Celebrating over 20 years as a Tree City USA proving that trees, conservation and the environment are an important part of life in this community.

All about us.  Small town charm and hospitality. A place for everyone.

Chesterfield's history is over 225 years in the making.   Chesterfield was named in honor of English statesman, Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield. Philip Stanhope is also widely credited as the commissioner of the first Chesterfield sofa.  Welsh settlers from Pennsylvania and Delaware moved to the region for agricultural opportunities in the mid-18th century. The courthouse has an interesting history. Chesterfield's original courthouse was built in 1785. It was rebuilt in 1825. After Sherman burned it, another was built in 1884. It is also where one of SC's first Secession meetings took place. In 1865 General Sherman's troops passed through this area and occupied the town of Chesterfield. During their brief stay the troops torched the courthouse, destroying all records.  

Today, the "original" courthouse serves a The Visitor's Center and houses the Chamber of Commerce, gift shop, museum, art gallery, Genealogical Society, First Steps and a conference room.   A new county complex and courthouse was constructed in 1978. 

The Chesterfield Conference Center and Craig Park Community Hut offer beautiful rental facilities to host special events.  The Palmetto Pavilion in Olde Towne Centre offers space for live entertainment.  Most local and state agencies are located in the the downtown area.  The Chesterfield Family YMCA, a state of the art facility offers, a pool, gymnasium, fitness and exercise classes, afterschool care and teamed sports.  Copeland Park, Page Park and Craig Park offer tennis courts, baseball and softball fields and walking trails.  Edwards Elementary, Chesterfield-Ruby and Chesterfield High Schools offers and excellent education curriculum to students as well as, Rams Sports of Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling, Cross-Country and Track and Field.


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