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Licenses, Permits and Taxes 

Standardized License Application (click here)

Email license form to or

fax to 843-623-2132 

NEW Business License SC State STANDARDS    There is a charge to use this system.


Business Licenses   (Business License Ordinance) (Appendix B)     LICENSE YEAR MAY 1 - APRIL 30

Business Licenses are required for ANYONE operating a business (mobile or permanent, including transient contractors) inside the Town of Chesterfield. Any person who may wish to provide a service for a fee should be properly licensed to conduct business. Business licenses are available through the Town Clerk's Office located at 112 Main Street, Phone: (843) 623-2131.  Payments to purchase a license may be made by cash, check, money order, credit or debit. DOOR to DOOR Sales are not allowed in the town limits.                                                                                                                                                


Helpful New Business Link     NEW BUILDING CODES

a. DHEC  b. SCDOR  c. LLR


Building, Electrical and Plumbing Permits and Zoning Codes
Authorization Permits are issued by the Town Clerk located at 112 Main Street.  Building Permits at the Chesterfield County Codes Enforcement Office 178 Mill Street for all new construction and for repairs/renovations. Efforts are made to ensure that quality construction takes place on all work performed in the Town limits.  Permit payments may be made by cash, check, money order, credit or debit. For assistance call Town Hall at (843) 623-2131 or (843) 623-9615.;  Planning and Zoning Code;   Quick  glance for Setbacks for zones

Hospitality Tax
Hospitality taxes are collected by anyone operating a business inside the Town of Chesterfield that sells prepared food.  Proceeds from this tax are used for for tourism, upkeep and upgrades to parks and recreation facilities. Hospitality tax forms are available here and at the Town Clerk's Office located at 112 Main Street, Phone: (843) 623-2131. Tax payments may be made by cash, check, money order or online.    (if paying online-email or fax form to or or 843-623-2132)      

Hospitality Form


What items are taxed?
(list is not all inclusive)

·        All food items prepared or modified on site at the establishment including items ordered for take out. Example: Ready-to-eat delivery food items that could be picked up from a food service location such as pizzas.

·        Coffee brewed on site at the establishment.

·        Snack foods prepared or modified on site at the establishment. Examples include ice cream served in a cup or cone, popcorn prepared on site and shaved ice snacks.

·        Served beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, specifically including fountain drinks.


What items are not taxed?
(list is not all inclusive)

·        Canned or bottled drinks from a vending machine or off-the-shelf.

·        Prepackaged food items that are not prepared or modified on site.

·        Catered meals served at a location other than the restaurant that prepares the food.


After reading the above information, if you feel this tax does not apply to your business please contact town hall.


If you have questions about whether a company is licensed to operate in the Town of Chesterfield, call the Town Clerk at (843) 623-2131.

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