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Please call Town Hall for rental information at 843-623-2131 ext 0

You are not allowed to use the building any other time than the date of  your rental!!!
This includes your caterer, decorator, wedding planner, florist,   etc.                                

(If you need additional time,  additional days may be rented for a reduced fee.) 

The Hut at Craig Park

The Hut at Craig Park

101 Dogwood Lane (between North Page Street and Park Drive)

A rustic setting for your gathering.


Daily rental $400 Rental Times 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (one day rental)

(Should you need more time to setup or take decorations down you must rent another day.  Rental Times are 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. for your activity, setup and cleanup.)

($125 will be refunded after the event if no damage is incurred, deposits (check & cash) can be picked up after lunch on Mondays after the rental-if paid by credit card it will/may be mailed to you). Rental application   email to or

Multi-day usage rates are available. **Discount for  Multiple Day usage**

1st Day  regular price                                   

2nd day  20% off regular price   $220.00  = (400+220=$620)                

3rd day 30% off regular price    $192.50 = (400+220+192.50=$812.50)

4th day 40% off regular price    $165.00= (400+220+192.50+165.00=$977.50)

5th day 50% off regular price    $137.50= (400+220+192.50+165.00 +137.50=$1115.00)


Seating for  approximately 204, tables approximately:  4-6ft rectangle 9-8ft, rectangle and 13-6ft round. 

     If beer or wine  (No liquor is allowed) is served you must get an insurance policy.  NO BOUNCE HOUSES.

To pay with credit or debit card-click here.  (Must submit entire amount-partial payments are not accepted-you do not have a secured date until total amount is paid.  We DO NOT refund user fees.) 

There is a charge to use this system.  Please email form after paid to: or fax to 843-623-2132.

The HUT has reopen FOR RENTALS 

(Should COVID numbers increase the Hut maybe return to a non-rental status, at that point pending rentals would be reimbursed)


COVID-19 precautions for rentals are recommended.

Wearing of masks and social distancing.

Community Garden

Community Garden
130 Hursey Drive

Grow your own vegetable, herbs and fruit!

CONTACT YMCA 843-623-9622

Conference Center

The Conference Center at 344 E Blvd is rented by the Chesterfield Family YMCA and is NOT part of the town's facilities.  843-623-9622.
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