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Planning and Zoning

Before purchasing property it is recommended that you called town hall (843-623-9099) to inquiry if the parcel is zoned and if it meets minimum parcel requirements.

Zoning (Zoning Ordinance) (please see amendments as well for changes) Downtown District, (Zoning Amendments) (FA amendment) is an important tool for the Town in shaping growth and development. It supports the goals and objectives of the comprehensive plan. Zoning is designed to protect property values and guide the development of town in a unified community vision.  Zoning prevents incompatible land uses from popping up in inappropriate areas.  For instance, a factory doesn't belong in a neighborhood and a house shouldn't be built in an industrial park!

Zoning districts are a community's classifications of areas which outline appropriate land uses and standards. Standards include building height, setbacks  [distances from property lines,
a quick glance at setback requirements,] (see amendments for changes), signs, and buffers between uses to name a few.  


There are multiple zoning districts in the Town of Chesterfield.  The Official Zoning Map serves as the geographic representation of Zoning Districts.  Zoning Map Downtown District will be added to the map, as soon as possible.

There are three main commissions associated with Zoning; the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Board of Architectural Review (BAR). 


The Comprehensive Plan for the town is reviewed every ten years for suggested focus of the town.

 2019 Comprehensive Plan


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