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Team Chesterfield originated in 2006 as a result of a charrette conducted by a group of state development and business leaders and facilitated by Clemson University. The charrette recommended a number of physical changes to the downtown area, but also recognized the need for group of community leaders to organize, evaluate, and strategize to bring not only the charrette plans to fruition, but also develop an ongoing vision for the Chesterfield community. This was the beginning of the Team Chesterfield concept, with an initial focus on economic development.

Over the years, Team Chesterfield has worked on a significant number of diverse projects ranging from the enhancements to Bittle Drive to organizing the very first Yard Sale of the Carolinas. The role of the group has morphed from economic development to a “catch-all” of facilitating almost any project that comes along. This evolutionary expansion had often overlapped responsibilities with other existing town and civic organizations, sometimes blurring the lines of responsibility.

In 2012, at the request of Arts Commission and Greater Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce boards, Team Chesterfield was asked to absorb these organizations under its oversight umbrella. It was envisioned that in doing so, results would include: increased efficiencies, better coordination of the myriad of community events and most importantly, greater community involvement. The vision was to have Team Chesterfield encompass four primary sub-organizations: 1) community events; 2) the Chamber of Commerce; 3) the arts; and 4) economic development.



Member Benefits:

  • Valuable exposure via publication listings, on our website and Facebook page features.

  • Customer referrals when visitors and business inquires are made

  • Business development opportunities

  • Access to mailing lists

  • Networking and member-to-member promotions and discounts

  • Notification of Chesterfield events, activities, business openings and news

  • Invitation to member-only events, educational seminars and community forums

  • Opportunity to serve on arts, chamber, economic development, and or event committees.


Individual Membership fee $30.00

Business Membership fee $60.00








To request more information:

Contact Team Chesterfield

Jamie Barfield, Executive Director

(843) 623-2343

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